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CEO Apolonio “Apps” Garcia Featured in News Story on Camera Hacking and Security

Are you at risk to have your home cameras hacked? Could someone be watching your camera feed half a world away?

HealthGuard's CEO Apolonio "Apps" Garcia gives his input on the likelihood someone is watching, and how to protect yourself against these hackers.

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HealthGuard CEO Speaks About Healthcare Cyber Risk

HealthGuard’s founder and CEO, “Apps” will be speaking on March 9th, 2017 at the Greater Cincinnati InfraGard Meeting. His topic of discussion is the three dimensions of healthcare cyber risk. These three dimensions, privacy, financial, and safety, are the core of what we do here at HealthGuard. These three dimensions are not currently explored or covered in today’s risk management practices, which is why Apps will also be showcasing our new platform at this talk and highlighting the ways in which we cover all three dimensions.

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HealthGuard recognized by Cincinnati Chamber

At the 2016 Cincinnati Business Awards sponsored by the Cincinnati Chamber, HealthGuard was recognized as one of Cincinnati’s “10 under 5” companies. We were honored with the recognition and opportunity to stand next to these other great leaders of small businesses in our city!

To see all the winners from this years event Click Here

Apolonio Garcia, HealthGuard President located second from the right.

Apolonio Garcia, HealthGuard President located second from the right.




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The largest stash of stolen accounts discovered: What you can do to protect yourself.

HealthGuard’s CEO, Apolonio Garcia joins Cincinnati’s WCPO reporter, Scott Wegner, to discuss what this means to consumers, and what you need to do to protect yourself.

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Store scans your license: What do they learn?

John Matarese, reporter for WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Ohio, interviewed our President, Apps Garcia about stores who scan your license and the security issues that could go along with it. What’s even cooler, both the article and video were picked up in markets across the nation  by WCPO affiliates as far West as Seattle, Washington – and even the Huffington Post! Congratulations Apps on becoming a national face and name in cyber risk security!

Read the article 

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St. Elizabeth Healthcare Tightens Security with Help of HealthGuard

cybersecurity_lock_0 - CopyGuidance from HealthGuard Security, a cyber risk management provider and a partner that St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky, helps the healthcare provider tighten security measures. 

Check out the recent news article on the the platform HealthGuard helped St. Elizabeth choose a solution that delivers the right combination of advanced analytics, real-time reporting and increased visibility into the health system’s hard-to-see medical devices.

> Read the full article from Healthcare IT News

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Dr. Oz Show Taps HealthGuard President

dr-oz-slideWhen it comes to subjects relating to leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, The Dr. Oz Show has become a staple in every household. You can only imagine how excited Apolonio “Apps” Garcia, President of HealthGuard Security was when he received a call from the producer of the show to discuss IT risks and security measures.

After their initial conversation, Apps decided to reach out to a valued client and ask their opinion on the opportunity. He received what he calls “a humbling reaction.”

The client responded, “Apps, you’re the best we’ve worked with,
so we understand why the show’s producer sought you out,
the client stated.

This led Apps to calling the producer and booking his flight to New York City the same week. After a rough 16 hours, flying to NYC, meeting with the show’s producer and taping the segment, Apps was on his way home!

If cyber risk management is something you seek to learn more about, be sure to watch the segment featuring Mr. Garcia, which aired on June 24th, 2015 on NBC.

> Watch the segment!

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