Risk Management Software

Hospital Risk Management Software

DecipherRisk™️ is risk management software designed for the unique needs of hospitals. It gives hospital cyber, audit, risk, and compliance teams a consistent way to identify, analyze, prioritize and monitor risk

Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software Designed with Hospitals, for Hospitals.

  • HIPAA compliant risk analysis and risk management. 
  • Quantitative Open FAIR™️ risk analysis.
  • Maintain visibility and accountability for enterprise risk and risk management plans. 
  • Powerful analytics and metrics reporting.  
  • Time-saving automation and workflows.
  • Modular design provides flexibility and customization.

"Prior to the DecipherRisk solution, the hospital did not have a holistic view of our cyber risk or a comprehensive way to manage it. With the platform, we are able to document without spreadsheets, analyze the risk, and communicate more effectively. More importantly, the system allows us to know who is accountable for mitigating the issues in our risk register and track the progress. HealthGuard has become the cornerstone of our security program."

CISO, University of Louisville Hospital

John Zuziak

Risk Quantification + Risk Management = HIPAA Compliance

Risk Quantification

DecipherRisk™️ is powered by Open FAIR™, a recognized industry standard for risk quantification, which gives hospital risk and assurance teams a powerful tool for analyzing and communicating risk in objective financial/business terms. 

Risk Management

DecipherRisk™️ provides hospital risk and assurance teams with HIPAA and ISO compliant risk management processes that provide improved visibility of both the organization's risk landscape and risk management process performance. 

HIPAA Compliance 

DecipherRisk™️ allows compliance teams to evaluate and monitor their compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. In addition, provides HIPAA Security and Compliance Officers the peace of mind of being able to quickly provide evidence of compliance when responding to OCR audits, investigations and compliance reviews.

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