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The Power of the MRI

Healthcare providers have a variety of tools at their disposal to diagnose injuries and diseases. These include physical exams, laboratory and imaging tests like X-rays, CT (Computer Tomography) scans, and MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The diagnostic process often begins with tests that are the fastest and most accessible, like blood tests and X-rays, and then proceed to more advanced diagnostic methods if the physician doesn't feel they have the information they need to diagnose a condition properly. Ultimately the physician wants to strike the right balance between the cost of ordering more tests and having enough information to make the correct diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment that will provide a good outcome for the patient. 

CyberMRI™ - Quantitative Cyber Risk Assessments

The patient diagnostic and treatment process is very similar to the risk assessment process used to identify, analyze, and evaluate cybersecurity risk in order to develop the best cyber risk management strategy for an organization. Some issues are easily identifiable and treatable during a risk assessment, while others require more sophisticated analysis methods. This is why we developed CyberMRI™. Like a medical MRI that provides physicians a better picture of the patient's condition, the CyberMRI™ was designed to provide hospital IT security, Enterprise Risk, and their Board's with a comprehensive view of their cyber risk landscape.
The CyberMRI™ is an HIPAA/OCR compliant and Open FAIR™ based risk assessment process tailored to the client's specific needs and budget.

CyberMRI™ Features

  • NIST/OCR compliant 
  • Open FAIR™ based risk quantification
  • Evaluate risk management program maturity/capability
  • Evaluate cybersecurity control effectiveness 
  •  Identify HIPAA Security gaps and deficiencies

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