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Introduction to Open FAIR™ for Hospitals (OFR_100)

This class provides hospital IT security, audit, compliance, and enterprise risk professionals with an introduction to the Open FAIR™ standard.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Location: Online

Mode: Instructor Led

Price: $199 

Introduction to DecipherRisk (DEC_100)

This class provides hospital IT security, audit, compliance, and enterprise risk professionals with an introduction to the HealthGuard's proprietary DecipherRisk platform. It is intended for new DecipherRisk users.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Location: Online and In Person

Mode: Instructor Led

Price: Free*

*Customers can contact your HealthGuard representative to schedule. 

Risk Quantification for Healthcare Cyber Security Analysts (RQU_100)

This is an accelerated one-day "crash course" on the fundamentals and application of quantitative risk analysis with Open FAIR™. It provides students with a basic understanding of key risk quantification principles and allows them to practice them with hands-on exercises.

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Online and In Person

Mode: Instructor Led

Price: $749 per individual

The Open FAIR™crash course is a well-composed and interesting introduction to quantifiable information risk management for both leadership and risk managers, especially for those with no prior experience. I would highly recommend this course.

Chris Kuhl

CISO/CTO, Dayton Children's Hospital

What a fantastic course! The information provided is helping us communicate the cyber risks out to the leadership team in a language they understand. I would recommend all folks involved in cybersecurity attend the course to understand the best way to calculate and communicate risk.

John Zuziak

CISO, University of Louisville Health

Estimate Calibration (RQU_200)

This class provides business, clinical, and IT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with the skills needed to measurably improve the accuracy and reliability of their quantitative probability estimates. This is vital to performing risk analysis with limited data and making decisions under uncertainty. 

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Online and In Person

Mode: Instructor Led

Price: $549 per individual 

Risk Quantification for Healthcare Executives (RQU_600)

This course is designed for busy leaders who want to make better decisions under uncertainty, providing executives with an overview of risk quantification methods and how to make more accurate estimates with limited data. 

Duration: 3 hours

Location: In Person

Mode: Instructor Led

Price: $599 per individual


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