The HealthGuard Breach Analysis Tool provides a powerful web application that analyzes the data from three of the largest public breach datasets. The tool can be used in a variety of useful ways: 

  • Data for quantitative risk analysis and modeling
  • Visualizations for executive presentations
  • Compare breach data across industries

Breach Analysis Tool

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About the Data

The data is obtained from three public data sources:

  • HHS/OCR - Breaches reported to the Dept. of Health and Human Services that affect 500 or more individuals
  • VERIS - VERIS is a public repository for breach information and utilizes public knowledge and simply puts all of that public information in a massive database that analyzes the breach information
  • PRC - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse takes the information they learn directly from their consumers and then turns it into information given out freely regarding trends and typical analysis.

The data set will be updated several times per year, and enhancements will be made periodically.


This tool is for informational purposes. HealthGuard makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the data sets, or the graphical representations of the data produce by the tool.