Breach Analysis Tool

The HealthGuard team is excited to announce the release of our new (free) Breach Analysis Tool. It provides an easy to use analysis of the three major public breach databases (VERIS, HHS/OCR, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse). Our tool is intended to help IT Security and Risk Management teams focus their analysis efforts and provide a macro level examination of breach trends.

When it comes to having tools to stay ahead of the curve, this is certainly one to have in your arsenal. By utilizing the three database sources, you are able to see the comparison of their information clearly. From there, you can make comparisons and draw parallels between the information presented and have solid rationale for your analysis decisions.

HealthGuard Breach Analysis v0.1  -  (Note: This link will take you Shiny application that is hosted off-site. When you first launch the tool, it may take a few seconds to load the data)

About the data:

The data is obtained from three public data sources:

  • VERIS - VERIS is a public repository for breach information and utilizes public knowledge and simply puts all of that public information in a massive database that analyzes the breach information
  • HHS/OCR - Breaches reported to the Dept. of Health and Human Services that affect 500 or more individuals
  • PRC = Privacy Rights Clearinghouse takes the information they learn directly from their consumers and then turns it into information given out freely regarding trends and typical analysis.

The dataset will be updated quarterly, and enhancements will be made periodically.


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