Healthcare InfoSec Roundtable

The Healthcare Information Security Roundtable (HISRT) is a group of healthcare IT security leaders (CISOs, Directors and Managers) that come together to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and share their experiences with one another. 


Q: What does it cost to be a member?

A: Membership is free. 

Q: What are the requirements to become a member?

A: Members must hold an IT, security or related leadership position at a healthcare provider or payer. Vendors and other non-healthcare organizations can not join, but may be invited to attend a meeting as a special guest or presenter. 

Q: Why was the HISRT created? 

A: HISRT was created for two primary purposes:

  1. To provide healthcare IT and Cyber Security leaders a sounding board of their peers, where they can discuss both operational and strategic issues, and 
  2. To provide a place to build personal connections, share information and collaborate in a way that a traditional ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) and other associations don't allow.

Q: When was the HISRT created?

A: HISRT was founded in 2014 by Apolonio Garcia, HealthGuard CEO, and three founding members: John Zuziak, CISO at Univ of Louisville Healthcare (now with Change Healthcare), Mike Wells, IT Security Director at The Health Collaborative, and Harold Eder, Director of IT Infrastructure and Security at St. Elizabeth Healthcare (now retired).

Q: How many and what types of members does the HISRT have?

A: As of June 2019, we have 16 member organizations, including 14 healthcare providers (4 of which are academic hospitals), 1 healthcare payer, and 1 health information exchange. (current member list)

Q: How do members participate and engage with the group? Are there minimum requirements?

A: While we encourage every member to participate as much as possible (we believe you get out of the group what you put in to it), we allow each member to choose when, where and how they want to participate. Options include: 

  1. Monthly meetings. 
  2. A private Google Group (email), where members can ask questions and get feedback from their peers. 
  3. A LinkedIn group, where members can share information and ask questions.

In addition to the group settings, members often contact each other directly with questions. 

Q: What is the agenda for the HISRT meetings?

A: The agendas vary based on the needs of the group. We typically allot time for “hot topics”, which are pressing issues that members want to discuss. We also occasionally bring in guest speakers if the group has a specific topic they would like to hear about.

Q: What are the ground rules for participation?

A: We try to keep the rules pretty simple:

  1. All information discussed within the HISRT is kept confidential.
  2. No sharing of vendor pricing, or other confidential information.
  3. No poaching of another member's employees.

Q: How do I ask a question or get more information?

A: You can submit questions and information requests via the live chat function on this page. 

Q: How do I join?

A: You can submit an application below. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if you have been approved (usually within a few business days).  

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