HealthGuard Security Spotlighted By The Open Group


HealthGuard Featured By The Open Group For Risk Quantification Focus and Capabilities

“The Security Forum thanks HealthGuard for their work around quantitative risk analysis and the Open FAIR standard and for helping build and support the global community of cyber risk analysts.”

-Quote from The Open Group

Hospital-focused risk quantification solution provider, HealthGuard, is proud to be recognized as a featured organization by The Open Group for its commitment to change how hospitals think and talk about risk.

With OpenFAIR™ standards-based risk quantification running as a vein through HealthGuard’s cloud-based software solution, its consulting and assessment engagements and the accredited OpenFAIR™ certification training it provides through HealthGuard University to hospital risk, security, and audit professionals, as well as their executive teams, have a resource dedicated to helping them make better risk decisions and investments.

“We know that the healthcare industry often has far fewer resources dedicated to cyber and enterprise than other industries despite increasing threats. Being featured by the Open Group is another indication that the time is right for hospitals to have access to and the ability to adopt the same proven standards-based risk quantification practices that are working for the world’s most successful companies.”

-Quote from Healthguard President Apolonio "Apps" Garcia

For more information on how HealthGuard is changing to conversation and capabilities that hospitals use to assess, measure, and make decisions about risk, visit or contact Apolonio “Apps” Garcia at

Open FAIR™ is a trademark of The Open Group

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