HealthGuard Security Achieves Open FAIR™ Training Accreditation


HealthGuard Risk Management Achieves Open FAIR™ Training Accreditation Bringing Standardized and Quantified Risk Management Strategies to Healthcare Industry

CINCINNATI, OH - In the continuing effort to educate and advance the preparedness and effectiveness of risk assessment, quantification, and management in healthcare, HealthGuard Risk Management is proud to announce their accreditation as a Training provider for The Open Group

"We are pleased to see HealthGuard joining The Open Group Security Forum and participating in Open FAIR™ work as a new Accredited Training Course provider and commercial licensee for Open FAIR™," says Jim Hietala, VP, Business Development and Security for The Open Group. "Healthcare organizations have recently been the targets of systematic ransomware cyberattacks, and HealthGuard's focus on using Open FAIR™ quantitative risk measurement will bring great value to healthcare organizations by helping them to focus on the cyber threats presenting the most significant risk to their organizations."

Today, healthcare is not only dealing with these increased attacks but doing so with resources that are already stretched thin and decision-making capabilities that are insufficient for the modern risk landscape. HealthGuard's Open FAIR™ accreditation compliments their mission to bring a consistent and standardized way to quantify risk across healthcare.

As accredited Open FAIR™ trainers, HealthGuard will enable healthcare cyber and operations risk leaders to help their organizations communicate more effectively about their risk exposure using data-driven models to express a potential vulnerability's financial exposure.

"The rapid expansion of digital technology, a non-stop barrage of cyber threats, and constant budget pressure have dramatically changed the risk landscape for healthcare providers over the last decade," says Apolonio "Apps" Garcia, Founder and CEO of HealthGuard Risk Management. "Our partnership with the Open Group will allow us to bring evidence-based quantitative risk management to the healthcare industry, allowing risk managers and decision-makers to better understand their risk in order to surgically focus their limited resources on the most important issues."

Open FAIR™ training accreditation becomes another tool the HealthGuard team can provide healthcare systems to analyze, prioritize, and address risk in their organizations. HealthGuard's DeciperRisk platform combines decades of healthcare cyber and enterprise risk expertise with centralized risk quantification, assessment, and management to improve compliance and make better decisions.

HealthGuard will join The Open Group™ as a proud member of its Security Forum and looks forward to being part of the conversation to solidify and advance risk quantification standards for today's world.

About The Open Group™: The Open Group™ is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 790 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries.

About Open FAIR: Open FAIR was initially released to the public in 2006. It was later adopted by The Open Group in 2014, making it the only international standard for the quantification of cybersecurity and operational risk. More information about The Open Group Security Forum and Open FAIR can be found here.

About HealthGuard: Healthguard provides healthcare systems and hospitals a comprehensive risk assessment and management solution, support services, and industry training, including Open FAIR training. HealthGuard was founded in 2001 by Apolonio "Apps" Garcia, with the mission of helping the healthcare industry better assess, prioritize and manage risk to protect their finances and patients.

Open FAIR™ is a trademark of The Open Group

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