You can't manage what you don't measure

To Manage Cyber Risk, First You Must Understand It. 

At HealthGuard we believe that building and maintaining an effective cyber security program should first and foremost be about managing risk - risk to the enterprise, its patients, and its employees. This means IT and Security must be able to 1) effectively measure and communicate risk to decision makers and stakeholders, 2) establish strategic and operational priorities and objectives for mitigating risk, and 3) continuously monitor progress made toward risk mitigation objectives.

While most IT and InfoSec leaders understand the need for risk based security, many struggle to deliver on this due to the lack of available cost-effective risk management solutions on the market. As a result, they are forced rely on homegrown solutions such as spreadsheets that are cumbersome and lack reporting, or bogus risk management products that produce arbitrary risk scores using pseudo-mathematics. 

At HealthGuard our mission is to change this by providing healthcare providers a better, more cost-effective way manage risk. We have built the industries first risk management platform that uses proven quantitative risk analysis methods, and was designed from the ground up with and for healthcare providers.

How We Help You

Solutions for organization's risk management

HealthGuard's CyberEHR is an Integrated Risk Management platform that gives IT security, compliance, and risk management teams better visibility into your enterprise risk landscape. It provides you manageable workflows, advanced analytics, and reporting.

HealthGuard consulting services helps clients with a variety of assessment, engineering, and program development services.

We offer both project and retainer based engagements. 

HealthGuard training services ensures you and your team have the skills you need to be effective at your job. 

HealthGuard offers private and public workshops on risk analysis, and risk management.

HealthGuard's ecosystem of partners allows us to deliver provide clients a wide variety of world class solutions, based on your needs.