The role of cyber risk management in healthcare is evolving. It isn't just about check-the-box compliance exercises or assigning arbitrary risk scores to IT assets anymore. It involves analyzing and managing a wide range of complex technological, clinical, and business issues that can impact patient care, disrupt business operations, and lead to millions of dollars in unplanned expenses.

HealthGuard isn't just IT security and compliance vendor. We are cyber risk experts that - help healthcare organizations better understand their risk, then choose the appropriate risk treatment solutions.

The new health IT risk management paradigm... 

Patient Safety:
preventing errors and adverse events

safeguarding patient and employee information

preserving the organization's capital

“Apps and the Healthguard team are great information security evangelists offering new ways to view and address the complex world of cyber security."

John Zuziak 
Catholic Health Initiatives

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“The HealthGuard team constantly educates us about the changing requirements in health information security.”

Harold Eder 
St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Apolonio Garcia

Founder and CEO

About Us

At Healthguard, our mission is to help healthcare providers manage cyber risk. This is our full time job. It is what we wake up, think about, and work on every single day. This is because we understand the how critical healthcare is to our nation and communities; and the ever increasing role IT plays in today's healthcare delivery system 

Our Founder and CEO, Apolonio Garcia has spent the last 15+ years helping healthcare organizations develop and execute transformative cyber security strategies. As a business owner, and citizen, he is committed protecting the Nation's healthcare and public health sector.

“Apps is THE person I think of when I think of healthcare infosec. You won’t find anyone stronger in the field.”

Jack Jones
RiskLens/FAIR Institute