HIPAA Security 3.0

Innovation for next-generation HIPAA security leaders

Next-generation HIPAA Security Officers (HSOs) play a critical role in protecting the privacy of patients and ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of patient care in hospitals.

This starts with continuously identifying and managing risks to critical systems and patient information, as the HIPAA Security Rule requires.

Like many HSOs, you are probably stretched thin and lack the resources to keep up with the job's many facets, potentially exposing your hospital and patients to dangerous and costly risks.

HealthGuard is a trusted partner for innovative HSOs continuously looking for cost-effective ways to keep your organization and patients safe and secure.

HIPAA Security

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A Difficult Problem Plaguing Hospitals

The Problem

HIPAA Security

HIPAA Security Officers (HSOs) are struggling to analyze, prioritize, and manage risk effectively.

According to the most recent HIPAA Audit Industry Report published by HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR):

  • Only 14% of Covered Entities fulfill their regulatory responsibilities to conduct thorough Risk Analysis.
  • Only 6% of Covered Entities implement appropriate Risk Management activities. 

The Impact

HIPAA Security

Hospitals and their patients are exposed to dangerous and costly risks. 

According to HHS/OCR, cyber incidents affecting hospitals and health systems have put patient safety at risk by extended disruptions in care, patient diversions to other facilities, and delayed medical procedures.


  • Healthcare has seen a 93% increase in large breaches. *
  • There has been a 278% increase in large breaches involving ransomware. *
  • Non-compliant organizations have seen OCR penalties that were 78% larger.

* Reported to OCR between 2018-2022

The Solution

HIPAA Security

HealthGuard helps HSOs analyze, prioritize, and manage risk more effectively.

HealthGuard provides innovative HSOs with cost-effective products and services that:

  • Ensure risk is identified and prioritized properly.
  • Risk is estimated using objective, quantitative risk analysis.
  • Risk is managed effectively with proper governance and oversight.
  • Results are monitored and managed through effective monitoring and reporting.

Five Traits of a Next-Generation HIPAA Security Officer

Next-Generation HSOs are innovators with the following characteristics:

1. You think strategically, balancing long-term success with short-term priorities and tactics. 

2. You set clear goals and want consistent, measurable progress.

3. You want objective, quantitative risk analysis to improve prioritization and decision-making.

4. You want specialized partners that understand your specific challenges and needs and can provide unique insights and innovative solutions. 

5. You want a community of peers and industry experts to exchange ideas and experiences.

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