Get Complete Visibility of Your Risk.

CyberEHR is our groundbreaking platform. Within this tool, we assess risk quantitatively across three dimensions: financial, privacy, and patient safety. Combined with our staff's knowledge and expertise, the CyberEHR is making an incredible impact on the way the healthcare industry approaches and handles risk.

Financial Risk - the potential monetary losses associated with an event


Privacy - the potential breach of HIPAA and the losses associated with a breach

Patient Safety - the potential harm to patients due to an event

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Apolonio Garcia

Founder and CEO

About Us

At Healthguard, our mission is to help healthcare providers effectively manage cyber risk by providing them with high quality information and risk management solutions.

Our Founder and CEO, Apolonio Garcia has spent the last 15+ years helping healthcare organizations develop and execute transformative cyber security and risk management strategies. As a business owner, and citizen, he is committed to doing my part to safeguard the Nation's healthcare and public health sector.

“The HealthGuard team constantly educates us about the changing requirements in health information security.”

Harold Eder 
St. Elizabeth Healthcare