M​​​​anage Risk,
Not Spreadsheets

Managing your risk register shouldn't be a struggle.

There is now an easier and more effective way to track, analyze and manage cyber security risk.

you get what you pay for

Everyone loves spreadsheets. They are the Swiss Army Knife of business. Cheap. Flexible. Easy to create and use. But when it comes to risk management, their lack of built-in workflows, automation and reporting make them time consuming and difficult to manage. 

the Right Tool for the job 

Managing cyber risk is not a trivial matter. It requires tracking, analyzing and reporting on issues that constantly change and often involve multiple teams. Having the right tool for the job can save you time and money while improving your results.

The HealthGuard risk management platform is a tool that gives cyber risk analysts and managers a powerful risk management solution that won't break the bank. 


Track and prioritize security issues in a simple, multi-user risk register that allows you to manage all of your security issues in one place. 


Perform risk analysis using the industry standard for cyber risk quantification, FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk). FAIR risk analysis allows CISO's and cyber security leaders a way to present cyber risk to business leaders in financial terms.


Measure and report on risk and a variety of other important cyber security performance metrics. 

Save Time and money

Quit wasting valuable time cobbling together spreadsheets and SharePoint.

There is now a more cost-effective way to manage cyber security risk.

  • Manage your risk register
  • Track and prioritize issues
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis
  • Build and manage budgets
  • Manage remediation projects and tasks
  • Quantify risk using the OpenFAIR standard
  • Conduct standardized assessments
  • Monitor risk and performance

Build as you go

Modular design allows you to build a custom solution and add capability over time.

Options include:

  • Risk Register - track, analyze and report on risk issues
  • Remediation Management - track and report on remediation efforts 
  • HIPAA Compliance - assess and report on HIPAA Security Rule compliance 
  • NIST Cyber Security Framework - assess and track progress of the organization's security program  
  • Reporting & Dashboards - provide out of the box reporting for better communication, management, and governance

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