HealthGuard University

Open FAIR Analysis Fundamentals

Cyber Risk Quantification Training

Join the the thousands of security and risk professionals embracing the Open FAIR cyber risk quantification movement.

HealthGuard University's Open FAIR Analysis Fundamentals is a two-day online live instructor-led course that will give you the jump-start you need to begin quantifying cyber risk and pass the Open FAIR Foundation exam.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply FAIR risk analysis concepts
  • Demonstrate an understanding of FAIR risk terminology
  • Interpret and communicate results from FAIR risk analysis
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the FAIR risk analysis process
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how risk elements can be measured
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Open FAIR certification program 

Each student that successfully completes the course will receive:

1. Certificate of Completion

2. 16 CPE credits

3. Voucher to sit for Open FAIR Certification exam

4. Open FAIR exam study guide


Online live course - $1,399 per individual

Non-profit and government discounts available. Contact sales for details.

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Course FAQ

Q: Is any prior knowlege necessary to take this course? 

A: No prior knowlege or experience with FAIR or quantitative risk analysis is necessary.  

Q: Who would benefit from this course?

A: This course is intended for IT security analysts, auditors, risk managers, risk analysts, and 3rd party risk assessors.

Q: What is Open FAIR? 

A: Open FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) is the go-to standard for cyber risk quantification. It provides a framework for understanding, analyzing, and quantifying information risk in financial terms. You can learn more here.