CyberEHR is a SaaS based Risk Management solution designed for healthcare Covered Entities and Business Associates.

It was designed to help organizations wrestling with:

Capturing and prioritizing cybersecurity and compliance issues.

Effectively measuring and communicating cyber risk.

Tracking and reporting on cybersecurity and compliance issues.

Gain visibility. Make Data Driven Decisions. Manage Cyber Risk with confidence.

System features include:

HIPAA Compliance - A new and improved implementation of the NIST SP 800-66 rev 1 and the HIPAA Security Rule Toolkit 

NIST Cyber Security Framework - Assessment and reporting on security process capabilities 

Risk Analysis & Management - Measure and report on risk...quantiatively

Corrective Action Plan Management - Develop and track progress on your risk remediation efforts 

Reporting & Dashboards - Executive level reporting for better communication and governance

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