What is CyberEHR?

CyberEHR is an Integrated Risk Management system designed from the ground up with healthcare organizations in mind.

It was designed to help our clients:

  • Track and prioritize cyber security issues
  • Assess compliance with HIPAA Security Rule requirements
  • Measure risk and security program readiness
  • Build and monitor corrective action plans

Gain visibility. Make Data Driven Decisions. Manage with confidence.

System features include:

HIPAA Compliance - A new and improved implementation of the NIST SP 800-66 rev 1 and the HIPAA Security Rule Toolkit 

NIST Cyber Security Framework - Assessment and reporting on security process capabilities 

Risk Analysis & Management - Measure and report on risk...quantiatively

Corrective Action Plan Management - Develop and track progress on your risk remediation efforts 

Reporting & Dashboards - Executive level reporting for better communication and governance

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