Security Training and Awareness

This suggested application of our Continuous Training Methodology helps Security Officers and their teams reduce risks associated with phishing attacks.

Using the Anti-Phising Training Suite, customers have reduced their susceptibility to successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90% using our proven Anti-Phishing Training Suite. Join them and make our unique, four-step Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure methodology the foundation of your security awareness training program.

Our ThreatSim® phishing simulations allow you to quickly and effectively assess how susceptible your employees are to actual phishing and spear phishing attacks. With our portfolio of customizable templates, you can evaluate users on multiple threat vectors — malicious attachments, embedded links, and requests for personal data — and track results at the campaign level and user level.

ThreatSim mock phishing emails also allow you to set the stage for future training. Employees who fall for a simpanel1ulated attack are automatically presented with a Teachable Moment, which is a customizable “just-in-time teaching” message that alerts employees about the mock attack, explains the dangers associated with real phishing emails, and gives practical advice and tips they can use to avoid future traps. 

Initiating follow-up training is easy with our unique and effective Auto-Enrollment feature. Any user who falls for a ThreatSim email can be automatically scheduled for the interactive training module of your choice. Learn More Contact Us!

Interestingly, simulated attacks can help convince users to take training. Our results have shown that users who fall for mock phishing emails are 90% more likely to complete follow-up education — which is critical for long-term behavior change.

You can use our Auto-Enrollment feature to quickly and easily schedule training for the most susceptible users or manually schedule training for a larger set of employees. Three of our 10- to 15-minute interactive training modules are included with our Anti-Phishing Training Suite. You can choose from game-based training and scenario-based interactive training, all of which allow for customizable content at the beginning and end of each module:
URL Training

  • Email Security or Anti-Phishing Phyllis – Users learn how to avoid potential email traps.
  • URL Training or Anti-Phishing Phil – This module helps users recognize the parts of a URL and identify malicious links.
  • Social Engineering – Employees learn how to recognize and respond to common social engineering techniques.
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Because phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated, it’s critical to keep reinforcing best practices to improve retention. Our Anti-Phishing Training Suite includes an unlimited-use yearly license, and we recommend repeating the anti-phishing training cycle every other month. This allows you to test responses to different styles of phishing and spear phishing messages and continue to educate users who are vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Another key way to reinforce good behaviors is to invite employees to participate in prevention. Our PhishAlarm® email reporting button enables your employees to report a suspected phishing email with a single mouse click. Users who report a suspicious message are immediately rewarded with a “thank you” pop-up message or an email that encourages this behavior in the future. Learn More Contact Us!

understand_risk-threatsim-reportMeasurement is a key component of our Anti-Phishing Training Suite, and we offer a range of detailed reports that give you broad and granular insights into the results of your assessments and training. Analysis tools help you determine which mock attack to send next and the areas in which your users are likely to benefit from additional education. Learn More Contact Us!