Cyber Security

NIST, ISACA, ISC2, and ISO all recommend the adoption of a risk based security model. While this is straight-forward goal,  it can be difficult to execute without a way to objectively analyze and quantify cyber risk.

HealthGuard helps customers measure cyber risk enabling CISOs to deliver quantifiable business value..

Audit / Compliance

Tracking and managing compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule can be time-consuming and expensive. The HIPAA Security Rule requires that Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA) continually analyze and manage risk to ePHI. They must also be prepared demonstrate due-diligence when responding to audits, investigations and for Meaningful Use attestation. 

HealthGuard's Solution for HIPAA Compliance provides healthcare organizations and their business associates a cost-effective way to be able to demonstrate due-diligence and avoid costly fines and penalties. We do this by providing clients a set of processes and tool that allow them to effectively manage risk, and track their compliance.

Risk Management

The C-Suite and Board need objective and accurate information about an organization's current security posture and the associated risk. This means information security leaders must translate reams of complex, jargon filled reporting into a handful of key metrics and risk.

HealthGuard's Solution for Cyber Risk Governance gives IT and InfoSec leaders a "Rosetta Stone" that allows them to effectively communicate with the C-Suite and Board.