What is Open FAIR?

Open FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) is an open and independent information risk analysis methodology that provides a model for understanding, analyzing, and measuring information risk.

FAIR was originally published by Jack Jones in 2005 and was later adopted by the Open Group as an industry standard (Open FAIR). 

Presentation: Quantifying Information Risk - An Introduction to Open FAIR

This is a talk given by our President, Apps Garcia and Univ. of Louisville Hospital's CISO, John Zuziak at the 2017 Louisville Metro InfoSec Conference

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About Apps

Our Founder and CEO, Apolonio "Apps" Garcia has spent the last 15+ years helping healthcare organizations develop and execute transformative cyber security strategies. Apps has been using FAIR to help healthcare organizations analyze and manage their cybersecurity risk for the better part of a decade.

"Apps is THE person if think of when I think of healthcare infosec. You won't find anyone stronger in the field."

- Jack Jones, Creator of FAIR