Introducing CyberEHR
Simple, Effective, Affordable

So long GRC. hello iRM.

CyberEHR is ushering in the new era of healthcare Integrated Risk Management (IRM). It combines the six attributes of Gartner's IRM model into an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform. 

CyberEHR vs Traditional GRC Tools

Traditional GRC tools are complex, and expensive, requiring small armies to implement and maintain. As a result, many healthcare organizations have to rely on spreadsheets that are inefficient, lacking the workflow and reporting necessary to effectively manage risk.

a groundbreaking platform

CyberEHR is the world's first FAIR-based IRM platform designed from the ground up for healthcare. 

"Prior to CyberEHR, the hospital did not have a holistic view of our cyber risk or a comprehensive way to manage it. With the platform, we are able to document, without spreadsheets, analyze the risk, and communicate more effectively. More importantly, the system allows us to know who is accountable for mitigating the issues in our risk register and track the progress. The CyberEHR has become the cornerstone of our security program."

John Zuziak

CISO, University of Louisville Hospital

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