CyberEHR Analyze

Drowning in Spreadsheets?

You aren't alone. The cyber risk management journey for many organizations begin with shoestring budgets and homegrown solutions made up complicated spreadsheets cobbled together on company intranet sites. While this approach is relatively cheap and easy to build, it usually doesn't take long to realize that there is truth in the old adage: you get what you pay for.

Spreadsheet based risk registers and assessment tools are often inefficient and lack the type of analysis and reporting that decision makers need. 

It's Time to Kick the Spreadsheet Habit!

CyberEHR Analyze is a powerful risk analysis solution that gives security teams the ability to track, analyze, and report on cyber risk issues more effectively. 

CyberEHR Analyze can be used as a standalone replacement for those unwieldy spreadsheets or as part of the CyberEHR integrated risk management suite. 


CyberEHR Analyze

CyberEHR Suite


Integrated Risk Management

Provides end-to-end risk lifecycle management that allows organizations to track, analyze, and monitor 100% of their risk issues.

Cyber issue tracking and reporting

An issue register that allows security team and their managers to have full visibility into 100% of the organization's issues, in a single view.

Cyber risk analysis and quantification 

Risk quantification based on the Open FAIR standard allows risk to be expressed in business terms, improving both communication and decision making.

Corrective Actions Plans

A central repository of all risk mitigation efforts allows for more effective progress reporting and course corrections.

Cost/Benefit Analysis 

Provides decision makers with the ability compare risk mitigation options prior to making risk treatment decisions.

HIPAA Security Rule Assessment

Provides a repeatable, objective process to assess progress toward HIPAA compliance.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Provides a common language and framework to share security program capabilities with internal and external stakeholders.

Think you might be ready to kick spreadsheets to the curb? 

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