Are you basing your decisions off of the right information?

What impact can bad decisions have on your patients and bottom-line?

analysis 250x250 internalMost executives understand that having high-quality data is critical to good decision making. This holds especially true for complex issues, such as cyber security, that can have serious consequences for an organization and its patients. At HealthGuard, providing high-quality data starts with our proprietary risk assessment process called Cyber MRI.

Like a medical MRI, the Cyber MRI provides decision makers with indispensable visibility and helps identify the critical issues that need attention. It does this by presenting risk in a unique multi-dimensional format that provides a more complete picture that IT and non-IT stakeholders can use to make better informed decisions.

The Cyber MRI provides:
  • Risk visibility – identify and analyze issues that can have a material impact on your organization.
  • Decision support – provide actionable reports that are customized for the audience:
    • IT Department – technical reports that identify threats, vulnerabilities and provides risk remediation recommendations.
    • Executive Team – executive level risk reporting with cost/benefit analysis that enables better informed decisions.
    • Board of Directors / Advisors – a dashboard report that provides high-level performance indicators and enables proper governance.
  • Compliance – comply with the regulatory requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH, and achieve Meaningful Use. 
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