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3/26/20: FBI sees rise in fraud schemes related to the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) Pandemic

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3/24/20: FDA Warns of Fraudulent Coronavirus Tests, Vaccines and Treatments

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3/20/20: FBI warns of increase in fraud schemes releated to COVID-19 

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3/15/20: CDC recommends that for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the U.S. 

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COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, is the latest pandemic to spread across the world. It has taken over most conversation both person to person and on social media. At first glance to the news over your morning cup of joe, it can be stressful as they throw out the word “pandemic” or speak of the climbing number of lives lost from the spread of this disease. 

Most commonly we hear of flu pandemics, such as H1N1, the swine flu pandemic in 2009. While we can expect to experience some type of outbreak each year it is still jarring to see how fast an infectious disease can spread over such large areas. We often see social disruptions, economic losses, and general hardships arise for individuals and businesses alike. During these situations, the impact of those events is hard to gauge with so many factors being present. Being prepared is the best way to minimize the impact of an event like this and having a plan that can be scaled to the appropriate response level can help mitigate its effects.

While there is no one way for individuals to be prepared, staying aware of your habits and remembering to use protective measures, such as handwashing, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene (cough etiquette), are great places to start.

We sometimes get tunnel vision and hear “pandemic” and think it simply comes down to making changes on the individual level. From the business perspective, creating a pandemic preparedness framework can assist in making sure that you are not simply reacting to issues as they present themselves. We are seeing effects in several situations not strictly related to an individual's health, suppliers have experienced shipping halts, there have been increases in employee absences which can affect the completion of projects, and as we see those employee absences increase, the number of employees accessing their work remotely will also grow which can lead to a company's infrastructure becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Most do not immediately think about the other places where we can get effects from the situation at hand, for example, on the journey to find educational materials about the Coronavirus, individuals have fallen victim to phishing attacks from sites that promise to provide information.

While there is a plethora of resources about COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) and how it is progressing that information is constantly changing, sometimes multiple times a day. We have listed our go-to resources for information on the next page.

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