WEBINAR: Quantifying Cyber Risk: A primer for Healthcare Security Analysts

Next Webinar: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 • 12pm EST

Healthcare security and cyber risk professionals are now being asked to explain cyber risk in business terms that boards and executives can understand. If you’ve ever struggled with this, we hope you join us!

Osterman Research survey concluded that:
  • 59% of board members said that that one or more IT security executives will lose their job as  a result of failing to provide useful, actionable information.
  • 85% of board members believe that IT and security executives need to improve the way they report to the board
  • 54% of board members feel the information is too technical

Quantitative Analysis provides the data that enables organizations to make better business decisions. Our two part webinar will teach you the fundamentals of What Quantitative Analysis is, How to do it, and How it can be used in building business cases to get the budget you need.