Risk Analysis

Are you making decisions with the right information? Do your risk assessments help you decide how & where to invest in cyber security?


Risk Mitigation

What is your risk mitigation strategy? Definition of mitigation – the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.


Risk Management

Do you proactively identify new risks or changes in your risk landscape? At HealthGuard, we help Discover, Analyze, Treat, and Monitor risk.

Recent Blog Posts

HealthGuard recognized by Cincinnati Chamber

At the 2016 Cincinnati Business Awards sponsored by the Cincinnati Chamber, HealthGuard was recognized as one of Cincinnati’s “10 under 5” companies. We were honored with the recognition and opportunity to stand next to these other great leaders of small businesses

Cyber Security: the trip thru wonderland

While watching Alice in Wonderland today with the kids I was reminded of dealing with Cyber Security in Healthcare Organizations. No, not because I think everyone in IT is mad! Although the cyber scene will make even the most sane person

What’s in Your Third-Party Application Software?

Below is an email we received from OCR. It has some very valuable information we’d like to share with our readers. If you’d like to receive these informative emails click here.June  7, 2016What’s in Your Third-Party Application Software?Recently, it has been