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Risk Analysis

Are you making decisions with the right information? Do your risk assessments help you decide how & where to invest in cyber security?

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Risk Mitigation

What is your risk mitigation strategy? Definition of mitigation – the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.

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Risk Management

Do you proactively identify new risks or changes in your risk landscape? At HealthGuard, we help Discover, Analyze, Treat, and Monitor risk.

Recent Blog Posts

HealthGuard Proactively Secures Patient Data

HealthGuard Security Protects Vital Information for St. Elizabeth Healthcare Proactive rather than reactive. That’s the approach HealthGuard Security, a cyber risk management firm, uses for all of its clients, including St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky. With its exclusive focus

Store scans your license: What do they learn?

John Matarese, reporter for WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Ohio, interviewed our President, Apps Garcia about stores who scan your license and the security issues that could go along with it. Congratulations Apps on becoming a national face and name in cyber risk security!

Dr. Oz Show Taps HealthGuard President

When it comes to subjects relating to leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, The Dr. Oz Show has become a staple in every household. You can only imagine how excited Apolonio “Apps” Garcia, President of HealthGuard Security was when he received a call from the producer of the show to discuss IT risks and security measures.