Risk Analysis

Are you making decisions with the right information? Do your risk assessments help you decide how & where to invest in cyber security?


Risk Mitigation

What is your risk mitigation strategy? Definition of mitigation – the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.


Risk Management

Do you proactively identify new risks or changes in your risk landscape? At HealthGuard, we help Discover, Analyze, Treat, and Monitor risk.

Recent Blog Posts

OCR has announced a new cyber-awareness initiative

HHS Office for Civil Rights has just launched a new cyber-awareness initiative. While the details are still limited, at first pass it looks like it could be a useful tool for security managers that are looking for ideas and content

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Breach

For over two weeks The Royal Melbourne Hospital has been infected with a variant of the information stealing Obot malware, which reportedly entered the organization through a zero-day exploit that targeted the organizations obsolete Windows XP systems. While the organization has struggled

Healthcare’s Third Party Cyber Risk Management Issue

What do Target, Home Depot and Goodwill have in common? If you guessed that they all suffered large and embarrassing data breaches due to a 3rd party supplier/vendor, then pat yourself on the back for knowing at least a little