Data Security is Vital

Healthcare Organizations MUST Secure Protected Health Information (PHI) When you experience a cyber attack or security breach, it doesn’t matter the extent of the information leaked, what matters is that data was compromised. Even a small-scale attack is enough to ruin a health


Cyber MRI Process

Processes Ensure Successful Protection Our four-step plan ensures we learn as much as we can about your systems and processes quickly and provide the “right” solution for your organization. Step 1: Discover Our first step is to assess and learn


Is IT Planning Mandatory?

PRIMARY REASON TO PLAN: To be prepared to tackle any cyber attack or security breach. Chances are, your organization has an overall strategic plan.  This plan normally covers all areas of the business, but many times technology is left out – or

About HGS

About HGS

Planning, managing and implementing IT compliance and security systems is what we do. You can focus on your business while our team concentrates on your IT security. Located in Greater Cincinnati, we deliver results by being the security partner for...

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Client Testimonial

This is the most valuable planning process we have gone through.

IT Security Manager

HealthGuard's response had us back to regular operations within 3 days of a major virus outbreak. A prior occurrence had required over 3 weeks, multiple vendors, and thousands of man-hours.

Hospital Director of IT Security, Risk and Compliance

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Dr. Oz Show Taps HealthGuard President

When it comes to subjects relating to leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, The Dr. Oz Show has become a staple in every household. You can only imagine how excited Apolonio “Apps” Garcia, President of HealthGuard Security was

The Anthem Breach – The WHO and HOW

It has been reported that the Chinese state sponsored hacking group known as Deep Panda (aka Shell_Crew, Web Masters, KungFu Kittens, SportsFans, and Pink Panther) and was involved in the Anthem data breach.

HealthGuard In The News: Anthem Hacking Compromises Millions of Customers

HealthGuard’s President/CEO, Apolonio Garcia, was interviewed by WCPO’s Consumer Reporter, John Matarise about the Anthem breach that is estimated to affect over 80M customers and employees. Here is a link to the story and some tips for individuals on to